FSP offers exceptional due diligence services, providing clients the information they need to pursue their business goals. Because every patent and portfolio is unique, we handle patent due diligence with an individualized approach. Our proficiency in due diligence spans a myriad of industries and circumstances, combining our deep technical understanding with years of experience. We offer strategic guidance, provide a comprehensive review of relevant intellectual property assets, and identify where potential obstacles and third-party-related issues may arise.


There are several types of legal opinions that can be obtained on issues related to patents. For example, before investing in filing a patent application, companies may wish to obtain a patentability opinion to ensure their ideas are new, useful, and non-obvious...in other words, patentable. Freedom to operate opinions may be requested when a company wants to ensure their offerings do not infringe upon intellectual property that does not belong to them. Validity opinions help companies determine if their intellectual property is valid and/or enforceable. 

No matter the type of opinion needed, FSP can assist clients in obtaining the information they need to inform their decisions and determine their strategy.


FSP's legal service professionals are unmatched in their patent application expertise. FSP utilizes TurboPatent®, the most high-tech, secure, and collaborative patent production and prosecution software solution available today. TurboPatent automates the tedious, labor-intensive, and error-prone tasks involved in writing and prosecuting patents, while dramatically reducing patent application errors and rejections.

TurboPatent enables FSP’s patent professionals to focus on the intellectual components of patent drafting without getting bogged down in tedious formatting, word processing, and document preparation tasks. As a result, TurboPatent allows FSP to produce more work with greater consistency and quality, while lowering the overall cost to clients.

 In addition to patent production and prosecution, FSP can assist clients with:

  • Licensing and Agreements

  • Patent Enforcement & Litigation

  • Dispute Settlement


In today’s brand-focused world, a company's ability to distinguish itself from competitors can become one of its most important assets. FSP is highly experienced in helping clients establish, protect, and prosecute their brand and trademark assets. 



We at FSP help clients recognize and protect original works of authorship, including literary, musical, and artistic works. FSP's extensive experience in copyrights includes digital material and online technologies, which often present new challenges in copyright law. 

A well kept secret can be of indescribable valuable for a company in maintaining a competitive edge. As a result, it is of utmost importance to implement the appropriate protection. FSP can help clients identify potential trade secrets, and take the proper measures to ensure their secrecy in case of misappropriation.


FSP offers strategic consulting services on a vast array of topics related to intellectual property. Our experienced legal service professionals tailor their research and guidance to each individual client, and help develop a comprehensive intellectual property protection strategy to fit the client's needs.

We at FSP always approach IP consulting with the rapidly changing patent landscape in mind. Whether assisting clients with building their patent portfolio, advising companies on intellectual property R&D, or consulting corporations on strategic direction, FSP's team takes a thorough, holistic approach, considering relevent, recent patent law cases, IP legislation and policy.