FSP is different.


At FSP, we are afforded the opportunity to collaborate with incredibly inventive people who are on a mission to make the world a better, more productive place. It seems only fitting that we at FSP harness the power of the most innovative, productivity-enhancing tools available to help our clients achieve their goals. Read more.

“FSP did a fantastic job of producing a quality patent in an impossibly short timeline. Their intellectual property expertise and use of the latest and greatest patent production technology saved my company tens of thousands of dollars and produced a quality document that has a critical role for us and our future.”
— Jason Washburn, Founder at THE Company
As a start up, we knew that protecting our intellectual property was extremely important, but we also had to consider the reality of budget constraints. FSP’s use of high-tech software is the solution we had hoped for, but didn’t know existed.”
— Evan Macmillan, Founder & CEO of Gridspace
“We were able to file several inventions with FSP in the same time and for the money it used to take to get one done with other firms.”
— Chris Li, Co-Founder at Artemek Technologies
“It’s no longer difficult to develop great IDFs. We can focus on real innovation without the traditional process tedium and management challenges. With FSP and TurboPatent, our team was able to more than double our patent filings.”
— Bob Wise, Chief Innovation Officer of MTN Satellite Communications
FSP’s use of TurboPatent enabled seamless communication and progress monitoring from start to finish. We never imagined the patent process could be so painless, and produce such high quality, consistent results.
— Brad Griffith, Founder & CEO of Gametime